Welcome to the Bug Tracker

This application allows users to enter tickets that track problems arising from development and deployment of enterprise technology systems.

  • Users are comprised of Developers, Submitters, Project Managers and Administrators.
  • Submitters create tickets, initially unassigned, but attached to a specified project with a project manager.
  • Project managers assign a single or multiple developers to and track the progress and resolution of a ticket.
  • Developers address the issues, resolve and update the ticket in a timely manner.

Developers and Submitters may only create, update and soft delete tickets. Project Managers, in addition to the authorization, allowed the previous users may also create projects. Whereas, administrators have full access and authority.

BugTracker is an ASP.NET application developed by James E. Cheek using .Net Framework v. 4.6.1, MVC6, C#, LINQ, MS SQL Server, Entity Framework, jQuery and DataTables.

Version Level 1.0.0

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